Check your accumulated contributions conveniently

View provident fund balance, including contributions from both member and employer, together with ratios of asset classes according to each investment plan.

Monitor the provident fund performance anytime

View historical records of fund performance; members can select specific intervals to access the information for any desired period.

View historical provident fund balance statements

Download provident fund balance statements for each financial year.

Learn how much investing risk is right for you

Know your risk appetite by taking a risk assessment test before adjusting your investment plan.

Adjust investment plans to match your needs

Choose the investment plan that suits your acceptable risk level – conveniently, quickly, and securely.

Easily calculate retirement plans

Help in planning your future to enjoy a happy retirement.

Choose appropriate investment plans

Invest more easily via K-My Funds.

Apply for service

Step 1

Log into the system with the Username and Password shown in your provident fund balance statement dated June 30, 2017. New members will receive a letter containing their Password after the deposit of the first monthly contribution.

Step 2

Fill out the form and select new Username and Password

Step 3

Select and confirm PIN Code

Step 4

Log into the system with new Username and Password

Step 5

Begin using K-My PVD

Frequently Asked Questions

for existing members :
KAsset sent a Username and Password to each member in their provident fund balance statement dated June 30, 2017.

For new members :
KAsset will send a letter to inform members of their Username and Password after the deposit of the first monthly contribution.

For members who have already entered the system :
Click “Forget Password” and enter your Username and email address; the system will send a temporary Password to the email address that you have registered.

For members who have never entered the system :
Send a request for Username and Password to enter the system to ka.pvdcallcenter@kasikornasset.com , with email headline: “Request Username and Password to Enter the System”, together with details for identity verification as follows:

1. Name of the employer
2. Employee code
3. Name-surname
4. Mobile phone number
5. A copy of national identification card together with signature to certify true copy

After the information is verified, K-My PVD staff will respond by email within one business day upon receipt of the request.