​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​K-My Funds ​​​ K-My Funds  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​  ​​​​​

Your personal advisor for mutual fund investment

Easy investment via recommended portfolio ​ Available data of historical returns A single application that caters to all your demands


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Unique Experience in Mutual Fund Investment

Suitable guidance

Recommended portfolio and Fit Line for investments ​that match your risk appetite

Portfolio of your choice

Follow our recommended portfolio or purchase any K-FIT fund

Catching up with every situation

Easy purchase, redemption, switching or regular purchase planning

Real-time monitoring of fund movements

You may check your investments’ earnings or losses, or verify your transactions, immediately


Investment advice of K-My Funds
will help in creating the right portfolio for you​

Prefer various funds?

K-My Funds offers four portfolio choices
to match your risk appetite​

Prefer only one fund?

Choose a fund in accordance with FIT Line
to match your target and risk appetite​

Easy Application

If you have a KASIKORN mutual fund account, you may download K-My Funds and register for service use in a simple process

Download K-My Funds

Register to confirm identity

View data for registration​ ​​

Receive OTP via SMS and confirm OTP

Enter the PIN passcode and immediately access the service​

Mutual fund account may or via K PLUS
be opened at any KBank branch or via K PLUS

The account number will be used in registering for the K-My Funds application one business day after account opening.​


If I don’t have a mutual fund account, can I use this app ?
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If I have more than one mutual fund account, which one should I use ?
Where can I find my fund account number for K-My Funds registration ?
Where can I find my deposit account number for receiving the proceeds from investment unit redemption ?
Do I have to use a KBank account to be linked for receiving the proceeds from investment unit redemption ?
What is SMS Fund Alert ?
How can I change the mobile number used for SMS Fund Alert ?