K-Mutual Fund Reports

Electronic reporting service
of KASIKORN mutual funds Electronic mutual funds reports
serv​ice of ​KAsset

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Get your fund information via email

Including fund annual reports, fund portfolio, certificate of LTF/RMF purchase and important news


  1. Users who want to change their previously given email address must cancel service use and reapply.
  2. In case of service cancellation, users may still receive fund information via email for a while.

Service Details

  • No application fee

Application Details

  • Having a mutual fund account at KASIKORN ASSET MANAGEMENT PCL.


What is K-Mutual Fund Reports ?

K-Mutual Fund Reports is a service to fund documents and information of KAsset mutual funds via email, rather than postal mail.

What is the information sent by K-Mutual Fund Reports ?

The information sent by K-Mutual Fund Reports includes certificate of RMF/LTF purchase/redemption/switching, monthly summary of investment unit holdings, fund annual reports, six-month reports, notification of fund maturity, fund amendments and news related to mutual funds.

Is there any fee ?

There is no fee for service application.