Private Fund

Private Fund

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What is a private fund ?

Private fund cater to varied financial goals. Start your investment with 10 million Baht and step up to the highest tier of privileges.

  • Private fund are highly flexible, and can be started by an individual person or group of persons, or juristic entities.
  • Investors take part in determining and revising the investment policy in accordance with their objectives and related terms and conditions, within acceptable risk appetite, to generate maximum benefit.
  • Portfolio and investment management in conformity with investors’ objectives is conducted by skillful fund managers.
  • Investors have a reduced burden in terms of contacting financial institutions, monitoring business news, and managing their finances.


  • Investment funds are managed by highly skilled and experienced professionals.
  • The funds explore good opportunities for investment and risk allocation to minimize volatility, with portfolio adjustment to match prevailing conditions.
  • Investment is very flexible, wherein investors may revise the investment policy amid changing circumstances.
  • The asset management company has considerable negotiating power, thus giving investors greater investment opportunities.
  • Investment can be made with lower cost, and is less time-consuming than self-management.
  • Marketing officers monitor the investment portfolio, and provide updates and advice for investors on a regular basis.


  • K-Cyber Private Fund: Your investment information can be viewed at the website of KASIKORN ASSET COMPANY.
  • K-SMS Private Fund: You will be informed of the net asset value and performance of the fund.
  • Investment report is delivered on a monthly basis.
  • You will receive monthly updates from the fund manager.
  • There are various channels of report delivery.
  • Special activities are frequently organized for investors.

Investment policy

Policy focusing on equity investment

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Policy focusing on fixed income securities investment​

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Policy focusing on mixed asset investment

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Offshore Investment

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Risk level of investment policy

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