Investment Conditions for LTF

From 2020 onward, investment in LTF is not tax-deductible.

Investment Conditions for LTF
Investment periodThe period of investment holding is 7 calendar years, e.g. all investment units bought in 2016 can be redeemed from 2022 onward.
Investment ContinuityAnnual investment is not required. Tax benefits are available in the years of investment.
Annual Minimum InvestmentMinimum investment is not required.
Annual Maximum InvestmentMaximum investment is 15% of taxable income and not more than 500,000 Baht.
Breach of Investment ConditionsNon-compliance occurs when investment units are redeemed prior to 7 calendar years, except for redemption due to physical disability or death.
Practices in case of breach
  1. The entire amount of tax exemption must be returned to the Revenue Department, plus a surcharge of 1.5% per month on the amount of exemption, starting from the month of April of the year when the exemption was requested to the day the tax payment is made.
  2. Capital gain from non-compliant redemption is deemed as taxable income in the year of redemption. KASIKORN ASSET MANAGEMENT shall deduct a withholding tax from the gain of not less than one Baht, based on the personal income tax rate.
  3. For redemption of investment units held less than 1 year, a redemption fee of 1.5% shall be charged.