Provident Fund

KAsset presents information about tax privileges and other benefits associated with the fund as basic data for your convenience; you are encouraged to study additional details.

Fund memberMember’s dutyTax privileges
EmployeeEmployee’s contribution to the fund Tax exemption shall not exceed THB500,000* per year.
EmployerEmployer’s contribution to the fund The actual sum is deductible as expense for corporate income tax, whereas the deductible amount cannot exceed 15% of the employee’s wage in that given year.


* For the employee’s contribution of not more than 15% of the wage, the actual sum not exceeding THB10,000 per annum is tax-deductible. The remaining amount in excess of THB10,000 but less than THB490,000 per annum is also subject to tax exemption.

Amounts that members are entitled to after membership is terminated before age 55

  • In case of resignation with employment period of less than 5 years/withdrawal from the fund during employment, the members are required to include the employer’s contribution and benefits incurred from the employer’s & employee’s contributions in taxable income.
  • In case of resignation with employment period of at least 5 years, the members can choose either to include the total benefits (excluding the employee’s contribution) in the calculation of taxable income or to separate tax payment from other types of income, in which case this formula shall be applied: total benefits minus 7,000 x years of employment; 50 percent of the remaining sum is tax-deductible.

Amounts received from the provident fund after termination of employment at age 55

  • If the members are 55 or older with at least 5 years of membership, the total amounts received from the provident fund are tax-exempt.