K Fixed Income Proactive Fund

Data as of June 8,2023

NAV per unit

9.7707 Baht
-0.00490.0501 %
Offer Price
9.7708 Baht
Bid Price
9.7707 Baht
Net Asset Value (NAV)
1,434,169,817.22 Baht
Registered Fund Capital
20,000 MB
Inception Date
11 September 2019
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fund Type
• Fixed Income Fund
• Cross Investing Fund
Thai and Foreign Risk Exposure​

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The Fund is suitable for
• Investors who seek return and can bear the risk from Asian fixed income securities.
• Investors who expect return more than those of deposit and accept return less than those of equity.
• Investors who require daily liquidity with T+2 settlement date.​
• Investors who understand and can accept the risk of loss if the issuers of invested securities default.
 Investors who are able to hold an investment for more than 1 year.
Investment Policy
• The Fund directly invests in both local and foreign government and corporate bonds, CIS units, deposit, structured notes, derivatives for efficient portfolio management purpose, securities lending, and/or reverse repo not less than 80% of NAV with no foreign exposure limit and mainly invests in securities of issuers exercising their business activities or domiciled in Asia, which mostly are in emerging markets, and thus securities in various currencies. In this regard, derivatives are used for hedging foreign exchange risk not less than 90% of foreign investment value. The Fund applies active management strategy with an aim to generate return from selecting quality securities and allocating portfolio in line with market conditions.

• The Fund will invest in investment grade securities and may invest in non-investment grade securities only in case when such securities are rated in investment grade during the time the Fund invests in such securities.

• The Management company will assign AllianceBernstein (Singapore) Ltd. as an investment manager (outsourced fund manager) and may allocate outsourced portion accordingly to own discretion.

• In addition, the Fund may invests in mutual funds under the management of KAsset without limitation. 

Risk Spectrum

Level 4
Low to Moderate Risk

Asset Allocation
(% of Investment)

Data as of April 28,2023

Subscription and Redemption Details

Subscription date
Every trading​ day between 8.30 a.m. - 2.30 p.m.​
Redemption date
Every trading​ day between 8.30 a.m. - 2.30 p.m.​
Minimum initial subscription
500 Baht

Minimum subsequent subscription
500 Baht

Minimum redemption
500 Baht
Minimum​ account balance
50 Baht
NAV announcement date
T+2 (business day​)
Redemption Monies Proceeding​
T+2 (business day​)​ at 10 a.m. onwards

Subscription and redemption channels​

Fees charged to the Fund (% p.a. of NAV)

Lists of Fees
Management fee​
Not exceeding 1.0700​%
(Actual charged 0.4280%)
Trustee fee
Not exceeding 0.2675%
(Actual charged 0.0856%)
Registrar fee
Not exceeding 0.3210%
(Actual charged 0.0428%)
Other fees
Not exceeding 2.1400%

Fees charged to​ Unitholders (% of trading value)

Lists of Fees
Front-end fee​
Not exceeding 1.00%
Back-end fee
Not exceeding 1.00%​
Brokerage fee
Switc​hing fee
Equal to redemption fee of switch-out fund or subscription fee of switch-in fund, whichever is higher.


Fund Performance

Data as of June 8,2023
  YTD 3 months 6 months 1 year (p.a.) 3 years (p.a.) 5 years (p.a.) 10 years (p.a.) Since inception (p.a.)
K-FIXEDPRO 0.25% 0.49% 0.12% -0.94% -1.02% N/A N/A -0.62%
Benchmark Return 0.84% 0.75% 0.44% 0.01% -0.32% N/A N/A 0.35%

Historical NAV per unit

Date NAV per unit Change Offer Price Bid Price Net Asset Value
08/06/2023 9.7707 -0.0049|0.0501 % 9.7708 9.7707 1,434,169,817.22
07/06/2023 9.7756 -0.0047|0.0481 % 9.7757 9.7756 1,434,826,352.29
06/06/2023 9.7803 -0.0022|0.0225 % 9.7804 9.7803 1,436,550,944.52
01/06/2023 9.7825 +0.0036|0.0368 % 9.7826 9.7825 1,435,794,502.38
31/05/2023 9.7789 +0.0134|0.1372 % 9.7790 9.7789 1,435,270,437.17
30/05/2023 9.7655 +0.0042|0.0430 % 9.7656 9.7655 1,431,293,696.39
25/05/2023 9.7613 -0.0176|0.1800 % 9.7614 9.7613 1,430,813,687.49
24/05/2023 9.7789 0.0000|0.0000 % 9.7790 9.7789 1,433,547,212.30

Note: NAV Value Not include Dividend

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