Fixed Term Fund

How to count the investment dates in order to calculate returns ?

The returns of fixed term funds will be calculated from the “Fund Registration Date” to the “Investment Redemption Date”, not from the date the investment unit holder buys investment units during the IPO period.

Is there a maturity date for fixed term funds, which is similar to fixed deposit accounts ?

There is no such maturity date, but KAsset will notify you of the termination date to investment unitholders within 15 days from the fund registration date; the termination date will be in the period as specified in the fund prospectus.

Where can I find the fund termination dates ?

The fund termination dates may be viewed at, under the “Mutual Fund” > “Fund Information” > “Fund Termination Dates”.

Are the returns of fixed term funds subject to taxation ?

The returns of fixed term funds are considered capital gains, and not dividends, and are subject to tax waiver for natural persons. For juristic persons, KAsset does not deduct the withholding tax from the returns. Therefore, juristic persons will recognize the returns on investment in their accounting record in order to exhibit their investment items.

During the term of the funds, why do investment unit values move up or down when I update my passbook ?

Before the funds meet their term, investment unit values may be higher or lower than their par value (THB10). However, such values are marked-to-market, and not the real returns that investors will gain. The returns that investors will gain have been estimated since the start of their investment, and they can be viewed when the passbook is updated on the day following the fund termination date.

Can investment units of a fixed term fund be redeemed before the fund termination date ?

No, because fixed term funds invest in fixed income securities with an established term of the instruments.

Can an investment unitholder of a fixed term fund be changed ?

Investors may transfer their investment units at any KBank branch, whether in whole or in part as agreed upon by the transferor and transferee.