Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

KAsset offers an array of five-star rating mutual fund to serve any investment objective.​

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​Mutual Funds:
The best investment solution

  • Founded and managed by a trusted asset management company
  • Investing in diverse assets in accordance with your risk appetite​
  • ​Best suited for investors having limits in funding and time,
    who wish to invest in multiple assets​​

The advantages of Mutual Funds

Managed by competent experts, in a systematic manner

Creating highest returns within an acceptable risk appetite

Investment in as little as hundreds of Baht can generate satisfactory returns

Long-term investment for future benefits ​

Choose Mutual Funds that suits you
In accordance wit​h asset type or investment objective

Fund classified by asset type

Choose your mutual fund by
​ investment ​​policy with different risk levels. ​

Fund classified by investment objective

Mutual funds classified by different
investment objective responding to all goals​

How to open account and purchase Mutual Funds

Apply at any KBank branches

How to apply​
Branches near you

How to apply


How to apply​

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