​Announcement Closure to Subscription and/or Switching-in Services for 8 Long-term Equity Funds From 1 January 2020 Onwards

               As the tax privileges provided for investment in LTF will expire by 31 December 2019 and in order to avoid any errors that may arise from applying for such tax privileges, Kasikorn Asset Management  Company Limited (“the Company") would like to inform our unitholders that, effective from 1 January 2020 onwards, the Company will close the subscription orders  and/or the switching-in orders from other non-LTFs to 8 LTF funds under management as follows:

       1) K Equity 70:30 LTF (K70LTF)

       2) K Minimum Volatility Quantitative LTF (KMVLTF)

       3) K SET50 LTF (KS50LTF)

       4) K Equity Dividend LTF (KDLTF)

       5) K Equity LTF (KEQLTF)

       6) K Growth LTF (KGLTF)

       7) K Mid Small Cap LTF (KMSLTF)

       8) K 20 Select LTF (K20SLTF)

               Nevertheless, the unitholders can still undertake the following transactions as normal:

  1. Redemption of investment units of the LTFs.

  2. Switching of investment units between LTFs under management of the Company.

  3. Switching of investment units between the LTF of the Company and that of other asset management company.


               Should you have any further information, please contact  KA Contact Center at 02-673 3888  or via email at ka.customer@kasikornasset.com.

               Please be informed accordingly.



Kasikorn Asset Management Co., Ltd.​

Announce on 27 December 2019