Auto-Redemption Schedule of K Fixed-Dated High Yield 2023B Fund Not for Retail Investors (KHY23B-UI) Year 2020​

Auto-Redemption Dates

Settlement Dates

(For Kasikorn Bank Account)

February 21, 2020
March 2, 2020
May 8, 2020
May 18, 2020
August 6, 2020
August 17, 2020
November 16, 2020
​November 24, 2020


  • Only unitholders whose names appear on the records of the registrar system at 8 a.m. on the auto-redemption date shall receive auto-redemption payment. The Management Company will transfer auto-redemption amount to unitholders' KBank accounts or other bank accounts based on details in the account opening form. Please note that for other bank accounts, the auto-redemption amount will be transferred by cheque.
  • The auto-redemption amount and payment will be subject to the Management Company's discretion, hereby the auto-redemption amount will be paid from the Master Fund's return and/or net profit and/or retained earnings.
  • However, the Management Company reserves the right not to pursue auto-redemption transaction if the Management Company believes that it will benefit all unitholders. The unitholder are unable to cancel auto-redemption transaction unless the Management Company will grant permission.
  • The Management Company reserves the right to amend or change auto-redemption schedule without prior notice.

For further information, please contact KAsset Contact Center at 0-2673-3888, fax to 0-2673-3988, or email: ka.customer@kasikornasset.com


Kasikorn Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Date January 13, 2020