Private Fund

What are the similarities and differences between private fund and mutual fund ?
What are the costs involved in private fund investing ?
What are the measures in place to protect investors’ rights and benefits ?
How can one trust the management by private fund administrators ?
Who will take care of the investment, and what are their qualifications ?
How can one be sure that the investment will be duly managed, without fraud ?
Who is the custodian of assets of a private fund ?
What is the role of the custodian ?
In whose name will the assets of an investor under the care of the custodian be placed ?
Is there any risk of loss with investment in a private fund ?
Is it better for a person to manage their own investment than to invest through a private fund ?
Is it possible to invest in a private fund if I do not have knowledge of money or finance ?
What is the advisory service that the management company provides for the client’s decision-making ?
What are the expected returns of a private fund investment ?