KAsset adopts proactive strategic direction, aiming for 1.55 trillion Baht in AUM 

while setting its sights on becoming Top of Mind Investment House


KASIKORN ASSET MANAGEMENT Company Limited (KAsset) has set its 2023 growth target to achieve 1.55 trillion Baht in assets under management (AUM). KAsset has formulated its strategy of becoming the Top of Mind Investment House while also integrating ESG priorities into its operations to ensure sustainable growth. The company has advised investors to embrace an investment diversification strategy to cash in on the global megatrend in order to withstand market volatility.


Mr. Adisorn Sermchaiwong, KAsset Executive Chairman, and other KAsset executives held a joint press conference on the company's 2023 strategic plan that aims to be the Top of Mind Investment House. Along with this, the company has integrated ESG priorities into its business operations so as to raise the bar of the Thai capital market, fostering wealth for mutual fund investors while also advancing the organization towards sustainable growth. KAsset aims for growth in 2023 with assets under management reaching 1.55 trillion Baht.


Mr. Adisorn added that the company's 2023 strategic plan comprises five major elements. They are, i.e., 1) Creating returns by focusing on effective fund management to ensure consistent and attractive returns for investors; 2) Building credibility through suitable and straightforward recommendations in step with prevailing circumstances; 3) Business partner responsiveness via development of products in alignment with each counterparty for investor satisfaction; 4) Efficient management of institutional investors' portfolios to enhance efficiency in asset and liquidity management for customers of institutional investors; and 5) Devising retirement plans via multiple options to meet the needs of provident fund members for their retirement. Such strategies will be implemented with ESG integration, covering customers in the three businesses, i.e., mutual funds, private funds and provident funds, including selling agents, which are KAsset's key partners.


 “The overall global economy is set to slow down, and high volatility has been seen across global stock markets. Meanwhile, markets have already priced in signs of easing inflation to some extent. Therefore, bright prospects will likely be seen in global stock markets once more, particularly in Asia, led by China as its economic performance is better than the US and Europe, thanks to the gradual reopening of the country, massive consumer market and technological advancements. Vietnam remains attractive due to its valuation level and other favorable factors such as domestic consumption, exports and foreign direct investment. Moreover, Vietnam's status will likely be upgraded to that of an emerging market, from the current frontier market, thus causing a massive flow of funds into the country.     


 “Meanwhile, Thailand exhibits a promising economic outlook, supported by the rebound in foreign international tourist arrivals, general elections scheduled for May 2023 and increased foreign investment. The SET Index is projected to reach 1,800 points by the end of 2023. The current bond market has already priced in future interest rate hikes to approximately 2.00-2.25 percent. KAsset is of the view that investment in Thai bonds remains favorable as they are at attractive levels," said Mr. Adisorn.    


The current market conditions reflect the attractiveness of the bond market. Meanwhile, global stock markets are set to make a comeback. KAsset would advise investors to diversify their investments to reduce the risk of loss in any single asset while enjoying a greater opportunity to earn returns regardless of market conditions. Investors are recommended to invest in mixed funds focusing on diversified investment, namely K-GINCOME, K-PLAN2 and K-PLAN3. For those who prefer to invest in individual funds as a greater proportion of their own investment portfolio, they can invest in mutual funds that are consistent with the aforementioned investment viewpoints as well. Such funds include foreign equity funds, namely K-CHANGE and K-CHINA, Thai equity funds such as K-STAR, and fixed income funds such as K-SF. In addition, investors can make regular investment using the dollar-cost averaging (DCA) service via the K-My Funds app to enhance their financial discipline and grow their wealth in the future.



Mr. Adisorn added that in 2022, KAsset had 357,086 investors making their investments via digital channels, both K-PLUS and K-My Funds, accounting for 43 percent of total investors, while it reached 136,842 new customers through all of its channels. KAsset has maintained its number-one position with the largest market share in the mutual fund industry. The company held assets under management (AUM) valued at THB 1.41 trillion, which can be divided into THB 993 billion in mutual fund business, THB 234 billion in provident fund business and THB 188 billion in private fund business (based on data from KAsset as of December 31, 2022).



Investors are advised to study the product characteristics, return conditions and risks before deciding to invest.