K Asia Fixed Income Fund

The Fund has high concentration in a particular issuer so investors may suffer substantial losses.
Data as of March 1,2024

NAV per unit

10.2688 Baht
+0.00730.0711 %
Offer Price
10.3202 Baht
Bid Price
10.2688 Baht
Net Asset Value (NAV)
189,502,458.16 Baht
Registered Fund Capital
30,000 Million baht
Inception Date
29 March 2017
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dividend Payment Policy​
Not more than twice a year 
XD Date
End of February and August

Bloomberg Ticker

Foreign Fund's Bloomberg Ticker ​​

Fund Type 
• Fixed Income Fund
• Cross Investing Fund​
• Thai and Foreign Risk Exposure
The Fund is suitable for?
• Investors who seek returns from interest income and/or price appreciation of debt instruments the Fund investing in, and/or gains from currency exchange rate.  
• Investors who seek for returns higher than bank deposits and are able to accept lower returns than investing in equities.  
​• Investors who are able to accept exchange rate risk and understand that movements in currency exchange rates can adversely affect the return of your investment.  
​• Recommended holding period : not less than a year.​
Investment Policy
• The Fund will invest in debt securities, issued or guaranteed by Thai or foreign governments and agencies, state and provincial governmental entities, or by companies, including deposits with credit institutions which issuers are registered in Asian countries.
• The average portfolio duration of the Fund shall not exceed 5 years. 
• The Management Company will appoint outsourced fund manager to be the Fund’s offshore investment manager, who will manage both onshore and offshore investment. 
• The Fund will use derivatives, at the Fund Manager's discretion, to hedge against exchange rate risk.
• The Fund may invest in Structured Note (SN) and/or derivatives for Efficient Portfolio Management purpose (EPM).
• The Fund may invest in units of mutual funds under the management of KAsset. This policy may incur conflict of interest from cross-fund investing.
• KAsset reserves the right to change Fund Type and Special feature from Direct Investment Fund to Fund of Funds (FoFs) or Feeder Fund, and vice versa, under the condition that the level of risk spectrum will not be raised.
** The obligation between the Management Company and EASTSPRING INVESTMENTS (SINGAPORE) LIMITED (the Outsourced Fund Manager) is terminated effective on Feberuary 1st, 2019.

Risk Spectrum

Level 4
Low to Moderate Risk

Asset Allocation
(% of Investment)

Data as of January 31,2024

Subscription & Redemption Details

Subjects                          Details
Subscription Date
Every trading day between 8.30 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.
Redemption Date
Every trading day between 8.30 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.
Minimum initial subscription
500 THB
Minimum subsequent subscription
500 THB
Minimum redemption​​​
500 THB

Minimum account balance
5​0 THB
NAV Announcement Date
T+2 (business day)
Settlement Date​
T+4 (business day)​ at 10 a.m.
Subscription and redemption channels
Fees Charged to the Fund (% p.a. of NAV)
Lists of Fees​
Management Fee
Not exceeding 3.210​0% 
​Trustee Fee
Not exceeding 0.2675
Registrar Fee
Not exceeding 0.3210%
Other Fee
As it is actually incurred.

Fees Charged to Unitholders (% of trading value)

Lists of Fees​
​Front-end Fee
Not exceeding​ 3.00%
Back-end Fee​
Not exceeding​ 3.00%
Brokerage fee​​
Switching fee
Equal to the higher rate between the back-end fee of switch-out fund and the front-end fee of switch-in fund.​​

Fund Performance

Data as of Febuary 29,2024
  YTD 3 months 6 months 1 year (p.a.) 3 years (p.a.) 5 years (p.a.) 10 years (p.a.) Since inception (p.a.)
K-AFIXED 0.49% 1.64% 2.14% 1.44% -0.47% 1.33% N/A 0.37%
Benchmark Return 0.46% 0.65% 1.27% 2.22% 1.85% 2.22% N/A 1.86%

Historical NAV per unit

Date NAV per unit Change Offer Price Bid Price Net Asset Value
01/03/2024 10.2688 +0.0073|0.0711 % 10.3202 10.2688 189,502,458.16
29/02/2024 10.2615 +0.0040|0.0390 % 10.3129 10.2615 189,336,136.83
28/02/2024 10.2575 -0.0014|0.0136 % 10.3089 10.2575 189,000,150.13
27/02/2024 10.2589 +0.0011|0.0107 % 10.3103 10.2589 188,904,464.03
23/02/2024 10.2578 +0.0061|0.0595 % 10.3092 10.2578 190,160,568.38
22/02/2024 10.2517 +0.0160|0.1563 % 10.3031 10.2517 190,053,576.31
21/02/2024 10.2357 -0.0108|0.1054 % 10.2870 10.2357 189,636,762.83
20/02/2024 10.2465 0.0000|0.0000 % 10.2978 10.2465 189,836,052.68

Note: NAV Value Not include Dividend


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